Dog Food Secrets Revealed

Though dog-human interaction goes back thousands of years, communication between the two is still sometimes rough. The human half of the pair is usually the smarter party, but watching the usual training sessions one can have legitimate reason to wonder.Check out to learn more about barkcontrol.

Dogs understand and respond at roughly the mental level of a human two-year-old, but there the similarity ends. Their senses operate differently - their color vision has a different response pattern to reds and greens, for example, and obviously their noses are infinitely more sensitive - and their minds process information differently as well. Anyone training dogs has to take this into account in order to avoid human frustration and canine misbehavior.

Dogs are by nature pack animals. Descendant from wolves - where even the 'lone wolf' is an anomaly - they're social and function best with active interplay and within a strict hierarchy.

So, set aside half-an-hour per day, an hour would be better, for at least the first few months of training. Start as young as possible. Four weeks is not too early with some breeds, provided one doesn't expect too much.

Elimination ('potty') training details we leave for elsewhere, but all training follows similar guidelines.

Establish dominance early on. Dogs have a hierarchy - there are alpha dogs, beta dogs, and on down to the omega. For a sane household, and a well-adjusted dog, the human (whether male or female) must always be the alpha male of the pack.

This will be easier or more difficult depending on breed and even with individual dogs. Like humans, some are simply more assertive than others. Leashes, collars, commands and other training aids are all highly useful but most important is attitude. Never let your dog be the boss.

Did you know that it would actually be much wiser for dog owners like you to make your own dog food? This way you would be able to make sure that your dog gets the best possible hearty meal he could get to achieve optimum growth.

Many owners now opt to providing their pets homemade dog food. The only problems that you may land face on are time management and budget. If you would like to make your own dog food it would actually require you some effort as you would have to really make sure that you are preparing a well-balanced meal while making sure that you do not include any additive that may, instead of making your dogs healthy, only poison them.